Monterey, August 2008....


All pictures courtesy of Hugh Price.

Hugh Price was at the recent Monterey Historic Meeting at Laguna Seca and he's sent some photos of the Chevrons there as well as some shots that show the atmosphere at the event.

Some comments from Hugh on the Chevrons that attended:

""The winner of the 2-litre sportscar race was Randall Smith driving a B19 (#16) in the 1971 Red Rose colours identical in livery to the car raced in Supersports and registered to Mike Catlow. Randall's is chassis 21 and Mike's 8. It is not sure which chassis Niki Lauda drove to victory in Austria though Randall claims it was his though it was one of them. Car No 81 owned and driven by Bob Kullas is a B16 'spyder'. Bob told me this was the car that Brian Redman asked Derek Bennet to take the roof off and was the 'mule' for the B19. Car No 3 of Joel Finn is the first B21 ever to be raced with a BDG. It took part in the Springbok series of 1972/3 and is featured in the Chevron book.He was extemely keen to show me that the tub/frame was certainly of that vintage and looked it!"