Oulton Park Gold Cup, August 2008....


All pictures courtesy of Helen Bashford-Malkie.

Helen Bashford-Malkie has sent us some pictures of the Chevron community that were at Oulton Park on the 23-25 August.

Some comments from Helen on the day's events:

"Derek's sisters, June & Wendy were very conscientious about choosing the winner of the special Derek Bennett Trophy, they spent all afternoon watching every race and made copious notes on all the performances, all good! Anyway, I think everyone will agree that James Schryver was a deserving winner for his great drive in the Guards Trophy with Richard Evans in his Chevron B40 and Simon Leighton for his personal best time as honorable mentions.

There were some great names from Chevron’s history in attendance, original Chevron employees such as Paul Owens, Derek Faulkner, Kevin Hodgkinson & Tommy Humphries to name but a few, plus several Chevron stalwarts; Charles Bridges, Trevor Twaites, Brian Classick and Willie Green who all enjoyed watching the on-track competition."

Cars featured:

Derek Bell Trophy
No8 - Daryl Taylor (B28)
No35 - Richard Evans (B40)
No63 - John Crowson (B40)

BP Ultimate Classic F3 Championship
No99 - Tom Powell (B20)

Historic F2 Trophy
No42 - David Gathercole (B25)

HSCC Guards Trophy Race
No8 - Andrew Newall (B8)
No23 - Minshaw/Ward (B8)
No34 - James Schryver (B8)
No60 - Steve Hodges (B8)