Thruxton and Donington HSCC events in March and May.


All pictures courtesy of Peter Collins.

Cars featured:

Donington 80th Anniversary Meeting 17th March

HSCC Guards Trophy
No3 - Hodges (B8)
No6 - Thompson/McClurg (B6)
No12 - Stevens (B8)
No16 - Nelson (B8)
No32 -Allison (B8)
No72 - Colman/Colman (B8)
No78 - Burroughs (B8)

Classic Racing Cars
No57 - René Ligonnet (B15)

HSCC Thruxton 30th-31st March

HSCC Guards Trophy
No3 - Hodges/Hodges (B8)
No6 - Thompson/McClurg (B6)
No32 -Allison (B8)
No72 - Colman/Colman (B8)
No78 - Burroughs (B8)

Martini Trophy
No36 - Nick Fleming (B36)
No45- Martin O'Connell (B36)
No72 - Jonathan Loader (B19)

Jochen Rindt Trophy
No4 - Martin O'Connell (B40)

HSCC Classic Racing Car Championship
No7 - Stuart Tizzard (B15C)
No33 - Christopher Ball (B14B)

Donington Historic Festival 3rd- 5th May

100Kms for Pre-72 Sportscars
No11 - Guy/Roberts (B8)
No21 - Watson/Connell (B8)
No29 - Ingram/Chiles Jnr. (B8)
No31 - Singer/Singer (B8) No38 - Ashworth/Ashworth (B16)
No72 - Boot (B16)
No74 - Halstead/McPherson (B8)

HSCC Historic F2
No4 - Steve Allen (B25)
No9 - Martin Bullock (B17C)
No14 - Martin O'Connell (B40) No17 - M. Bletsoe-Brown (B27)
No54 - Grant Tromans (B42)

Donington 80th Anniversary Meeting

HSCC Thruxton

Donington Historic Festival