The B16 was Chevron's Group5/6 Sports Car model and was built in 1969/70. It was a new design to supercede the three year-old B8 and it was intended to run the new Cosworth 1790cc FVC engine. Debuting at the Nürburgring 500kms in September 1969 it won first time out in the hands of Brian Redman, things continued to look good with John Burton winning an early round of the RAC British Sportscar Championship. The initial design had some handling problems due to a lack of rear downforce and two distinctive "boxes" were added to the rear of the car to cure the problem. Joy at the success of the B16 was short lived when Chevron saw the new Lola T210, Lola had taken advantage of revised regulations to build an open car some 70kgs lighter than the B16. For the rest of the season the B16 battled hard against the T210 and at the end of the year Chevron won the European 2-litre Championship by one point from Lola, helped by the arrival of the B16 Spyder that won the final round of the year, but their Huntingdon rival took the drivers championship with Jo Bonnier.

Notable drivers:
Clive Baker, John Bridges, John Burton, José Dolhem, Vic Elford, Andrew Fletcher, Roger Heavens, Toine Hezemans, John Hine, Charles Lucas, Digby Martland, Dieter Quester, Brian Redman, Brian Robinson, Ian Skailes, Ed Swart, Trevor Twaites, Mike Walker.

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icon Brad Parker B16-35 2-Litre Sportscar USA
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