The B20 was like its predecessor, the B18, meant for F2, F3 and F Atlantic and was basically a B18 with a full-width nose although the front suspension was now outboard.

Both the F2 and F Atlantic versions of the B20 took race wins, Gethin at Pau in the F2 model and John Lepp at Croft in the Atlantic indicating that there was nothing wrong with the design. Additionally Gethin took Heat wins at Imola and Mantorp Park and Bobby Brown took a FB win at Bogota.

The F3 version was less successful, during the season the full-width nose was replaced with a narrow nose that matched the width of the rest of the bodywork. As far as priorities were concerned the one-off F3 car seemed last on the list behind Sports Cars and the F2 variant and despite the best efforts of Chris Skeaping consistent success was not forthcoming with a solitary third at Silverstone the only notable result and Chevron pulled out of F3 until 1976.

Notable drivers:
Bobby Brown, Vic Elford, Peter Gethin, John Lepp, Dave Morgan, Chris Skeaping, John Watson.

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