The 1976 B34 was originally shown in late 1975 as a Formula Atlantic chassis, the test car was then converted to F3 spec with the addition of a Novamotor Toyota engine. Derek Bennett and Paul Owens carried out a systematic development programme on this wide tracked car and although the March 763 was the more popular car the B34 was reckoned to be more stable, especially in the wet and was the easier car to drive.

All this work paid off and the works backed Trivellato run team soon showed the car was a winner with their new star Riccardo Patrese taking 5 wins during the year. As soon as the car started winning other orders followed and Geoff Lees in a semi-works car as well as Rupert Keegan soon showed the B34's pace in UK races taking five wins between them in the second half of the season, indeed Keegan won the BP Championship after switching from a March in July as the B34 became the best car to have.

Several B34s appeared in South African Formula Atlantic with both Guy Tunmer, Basil van Rooyen and Tony Martin recording several top three finishes although fields were generally poor. A lot of B34s were sold to North America for the CASC Players Championship and although no wins were recorded Howdy Holmes, Bill Brack and Gordon Smiley all finished in the top three.

Notable drivers:
David Brotherston, Howdy Holmes, Rupert Keegan, Geoff Lees, Riccardo Patrese, Basil van Rooyen, Jean-Louis Schlesser, Fernando Spreafico, Marc Surer.

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