The 1977 Formula 3 B38 was a refinement of the 1976 B34 and was to prove very successful indeed with some 20 race wins, only Ralt would win more. The perceived wisdom at the time was that the Chevron was better on slower twistier tracks whilst the Ralt had the edge of faster, more open circuits. Due to the success of the 1976 car a lot of top drivers were tempted over to the B38 and they were to be successful all over Europe. Derek Daly won the BP Championship in the UK and Elio de Angelis took the Italian championship.

The chassis was a bathtub style monocoque with detachable sub frames, the front suspension was via double wishbones with transverse links, wishbones and radius rods at the rear. It had excellent braking capabilities and its wide track inspired driver confidence especially in the rain. 28 B38s were built in total.

Notable drivers:
Elio de Angelis, Phillip Bullman, Jim Crawford, Derek Daly, Pierre Dieudonne, Rad Dougall, Eje Elgh, Beppe Gabbiani, Patrick Gaillard, Ian Grob, Howdy Holmes, Geoff Lees, Rob Moores, Benoit Morand, Jac Nelleman, Axel Plankenhorn, Huub Rothengatter, Jean-Louis Schlesser, Willi Siller, Siegfried Stohr, John Stokes, Thorkild Thyrring, Derek Warwick.

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