The 1968 B8 was perhaps the car that really established Chevron as a serious production car manufacturer capable of taking on all-comers and beating them. In order the get the B8 homologated as a Group 4 car it was necessary to produce 50 cars but by some clever interpretation of the rules including adding the 1967 B6 cars in the calculations the FIA accepted the B8. It was success from the start for the B8 with Digby Martland and Brian Classick finishing 9th overall at the BOAC 500 miles at Brands Hatch. Other results included an amazing 2-3-4-5 at Croft, 5th and 6th overall at the Speedworld International Trophy at Oulton Park for Chris Craft and Tim Schenken and finally Peter Gethin was third at the Guards International Trophy at Brands Hatch. Adding to this several wins in UK club racing as well as some success on the Continent and in South Africa's Springbok series meant that Chevron could look back on 1968 as an important step in their increasing stature.

Notable drivers:
Clive Baker, Derek Bennett, John Blades, John Bridges, John Burton, Brian Classick, Chris Craft, Tony Dean, Guy Edwards, Roger Enever, Peter Gethin, Willie Green, John Hine, John Lepp, Chris Meek, Digby Martland, Mo Nunn, David Purley, Alan Rollinson, Tim Schenken, Chris Skeaping, Barrie Smith, Trevor Twaites, Paul Vestey, Reine Wisell.

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icon Hugh Colman 76A B8 6915 AM384 2-Litre Sportscar UK
icon Steve Jones CH-DBE-32 2-Litre Sportscar UK
icon Steve Hodges CH-DBE-34 2-Litre Sportscar UK
icon Daryl Taylor CH-DBE-45 2-Litre Sportscar UK
icon Adam Singer CH-DBE-56 2-Litre Sportscar UK
icon Tony Bianchi CH-DBE-81 2-Litre Sportscar UK
icon Andrew Schryver CH-DBE-85 2-Litre Sportscar UK
icon Charlie Hollis Snr. CH-DBE-87 2-Litre Sportscar UK
icon Alec Hammond B8-08-01
2-Litre Sportscar UK