The current owner of B50-04 is Hans-Jørgen Bach-Nielsen who has owned this Super Vee model since December 1998.

Engine: 1600 VW

Historical Notes:
2 of the 4 B50s built were sold to Jac Nelleman in Denmark.

B50-04 was found undamaged in a container where it had been since 1982-83.

There was 2 drivers; Peter Elgaard (who paid for his drive as Jac said "no money, no drive"), the other was Kurt Thiim who is still driving racecars all over the world. Peter is the Chairman/organiser for DTC in Denmark at Jyllandsringen and Jac drives classic cars including the Alfa Dana Formula Junior that his father manufactured.

Hans-Jørgen has dismantled B50-04 and it is slowly being put together again and the picture at the top of the page shows it when Hans-Jørgen first obtained it as a rolling chassis several years ago.